Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Day #226 - Roger and Jessica Rabbit Mechanical Jumbo

Title: Roger and Jessica Rabbit Mechanical Jumbo
Released: September 28 2006 on the Disney Auctions website
Price: $42.42
Limited Edition: 100

Jessica Rabbit is sitting next to her husband, Roger, on a park bench. Roger has kisses all over his face and looks as bashful as can be. Jessica is a pin-on-pin element and she can be moved toward Roger to give him a kiss. The big blue moon in the back glows in the dark. This pin was part of the group to be "lost" by Disney Auctions after the bidding took place. An undisclosed amount of these pins were sold on Disney's regular website in 2007. To learn more about this pin you can read the Full Review.