Friday, August 14, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Art At D23

A gorgeous paper sculpture of Jessica Rabbit was found at the D23 2015 Convention today! The art couldn't be more stunning. You'll definitely want to take a look...

This Jessica Rabbit piece is speaking for itself and easy on the eyes. This framed piece is a 3D Paper Sculpture. This technique is so perfect for Jessica due to the nature of her character. The movie she was in had so much dimension with the cartoons and humans existing in the same space and this art really captures that feel. The background of this piece is a cloudy pink color with a purple heart in the center. In the middle of the heart is a cut-out arch window showing an inner blue layer with Roger Rabbit shapes scattered around (much like the shape he left when he burst out of R.K. Maroon's window). Jessica is secured to a wood ledge in the middle. She's sitting her with ankles almost crossed. Her hair, face, bust, dress, and gloves are raised or are a top layer, giving the art depth. Her dress is also fully glittered in red.

This is a VERY Limited Edition at only 20. It was on display in the D23 Dream Store and it is for sale at $775 each. It comes framed in a shadowbox and has a Certificate of Verification that is signed. The art is by Dave Avanzino who was on hand at the gallery, and even signed the back of the art. The piece you see below was purchased by a good friend of the site, Andoni, who was lucky enough to get the first in the edition.