Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #66 - Westland Giftware Cookie Jar

The Jessica Rabbit Cookie Jar by Westland Giftware was teased way back in February of 2013. The release was scheduled for summer, but the cookie jar didn't start seeing homes until around November. It was a long wait for anyone hoping to add this too their collection - or to their kitchen. Does it live up to expectation? Read on to find out!

The good people over at Westland Giftware were not going to let the big 25th Anniversary of Who Framed Roger Rabbit pass by without some recognition. For the first time in a long time, another company picked up on merchandising Roger Rabbit and his voluptuous wife, Jessica. Not only was there a Jessica Rabbit Cookie Jar; but Roger and Jessica Salt and Pepper Shakers, Roger and Benny the Cab Salt and Pepper Shakers, a Roger Rabbit Waterglobe, and a Waterglobe with Roger, Jessica and Benny the Cab.

The Westland Giftware company has been recreating many memorable characters such as Betty Boop, Batman and Marilyn Monroe into salt and pepper shakers, clocks, cookie jars and more. There has not been any Roger or Jessica Rabbit houseware for quite a long time - this cookie jar finally fills the void. Artwork for the proposed Jessica cookie jar first appeared in February 2013. The very next month we got to see the final production photo. The artwork differed slightly from the actual product released in that the eye shape is more accurate to Jessica's in the film for the released product. They also added paint to where the top half of Jessica's dress is showing on the final cookie jar. Since this is only the second ever Jessica Rabbit cookie jar to be released, it was fairly exciting to get new merchandise that was not a high priced collectible that would sit on a shelf. This actually had a purpose, hiding your delicious cookies. The first ever cookie jar was released through Disney Auctions many years back with Roger and Jessica as the top lid, and Benny as the base. Jessica was smaller for that jar - but this new one is All Her.

It was a great surprise to see that the packaging details were not lost by the Westland Giftware company. The whole box is a dark blue with the streets of Toontown in light blue on one corner. On the other corner is a great image of Roger and Jessica Rabbit. The two of them are not embracing, but the images are crisp and clear. The image of Jessica used is her familiar look-over-the-shoulder pose, however the picture has been reversed for this box art. The cookie jar is packaged well in styrofoam and the two separate pieces are in plastic bags. There is a small tag around the top piece of the jar with the same image from the box on one side and the Westland logo on the other.

Once opened and with the top lid on, this is actually a very fun piece. The whole cookie jar is a "bust" of Jessica Rabbit. Her neck, head and hair are the top lid portion. The bottom is her shoulders, hair, the Roger Rabbit movie logo and base. The face is fairly pleasant. It's nothing overly suggestive but also not too expressive either. The sculpt of the face is done well. Her hair is covering the correct eye. Her other eye has the low eyelid with her eyelash going straight across. Her earring is present. The hair going over the shoulders and to the back is done very well and you can see how her orange hair cascades down to her back. There does seem to be a common problem with the lid not lining up exactly with the base. This lid does show a slight gap in the back but is secure and closed in the front. I have been shown photos of other Jessica cookie jars where the lid did not even fit at all in place with the bottom base. So if you do buy this, it's one area you will need to look out for. While it's upsetting that something like this is an issue, it isn't uncommon when dealing with pottery or glass which is baked or heated to be created.

The paint is well applied. The hair is a very vibrant and even dark-orange. Her eyelid is slightly a lighter purple then it could be, but it looks as if it's applied as more of a "wash" color. Her lips are painted well. You can see a small bit of her purple gloves - but the Who Framed Roger Rabbit logo seems to be very strategically placed. Very! The whole logo is covering up Jessica's bust. There's no doubt this was intentionally done, but it doesn't take too much away from the appeal of the jar. The logo appears to be printed on and has a very clean look. On either side of the logo are sculpted pink hearts - again appearing to cover up Jessica's top half. The bottom base is a red border with pink hearts floating all around it. On the front and back there is Jessica's signature with a kiss. The whole jar is has a shiny gloss to it, making the colors stand out. The underside is marked with the Disney and Westland Giftware logo and titled the Jessica Rabbit Cookie Jar. They have also correctly marked it Disney/Amblin as well with a copyright from 1987, which all Roger merchandise when the movie was released. This sells for around $55 and is a full 11 inches high, 9 inches wide and 8 inches deep - so it isn't a tiny cookie jar. This is the kind of merchandise we need to see more of - but at lease for now, Jessica Rabbit can keep your cookies warm!

The Westland Giftware Jessica Rabbit Cookie Jar gets a 4. Finally a Jessica Rabbit item that has use and is something made FOR the home. While the uneven lid might be a bigger issue for some, the overall item is great. This is also one of few items that came out during the 25th Anniversary, though not marked as an anniversary item. It is well made for a bust-type cookie jar.