Monday, August 20, 2012

Disney Designer Villains Set Preorder

Now up for pre-order is the full set of six Disney Designer Villains Dolls. So far there are no glitches or weird code messages popping up - but with the full set selling for a whopping $477, I don't think there are crowds of people lining up to buy this. When the individual dolls are released September 10th in stores and September 11th online, that might be a different story, however the higher edition sizes make it more promising that there will not be a website collapse again. There are also shirts and other items planned to be released. Are we one year away to a possible Designer Jessica Rabbit? I suppose the success of the Villains could be a deciding factor. *UPDATE* The Designer Villains Doll Set is SOLD OUT. The set sold out some time around 4:30 am eastern time.

Designer Villains Merchandise

Disney Villains Merchandise

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