Monday, August 6, 2012

Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #48 - Jessica Glitter Sticker

It's always exciting to review exclusive merchandise from Jessica's. This time, the particular item is more for visual purposes than an in-depth review. Still, it's a rare item that can't be overlooked since it was solely made for the Jessica's store that once existed in Pleasure Island many years ago.

Between 1992 and 1993, the Jessica's store was open in Pleasure Island, selling only Jessica Rabbit merchandise. A dream come true that lasted way to short. Finding exclusive Jessica's store merchandise can be tough, but there are things you sometimes can find now at very decent prices. The Jessica Rabbit glitter sticker being one of them.

They have sold on eBay for a few bucks a piece, and is definitely something worth getting as a memento of her great store. The image of Jessica was created by illustrator Mark Marderosian, who also created the Jessica Rabbit neon sign. The sticker is fully glittered in silver. It's fairly large, so it could be used as a postcard, but the sticker itself is cut around Jessica and her name. Jessica's dress is printed in a clear maroon so that the glitter shows through, making it appear to match her scene from the Ink and Paint Club. Jessica is laying across her signature, which is printed in a clear teal-blue, also showing glitter through it. This image of Jessica was also seen in the her store as a cutout which hung over the cash register, and also was made into a license plate.

Below are some images that can be used as computer wallpaper, phone wallpaper, or any other fun use you can think of.

The Jessica Rabbit Glitter Sticker gets a 5! It's not bad... it's just a sticker.

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