Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jessica Rabbit Champagne Available On New Disney Cruise Ship

She's had her own line of chocolate, perfume, jewelry, and nightgowns - but now she has her very own Champagne. Jessica Rabbit's line of Taittinger Champagne is exclusively available on Disney's newest cruise ship, the Fantasy. Cleverly named Ooh La La, it is only being sold on the ships adult lounge of the same name. The Ooh La La Lounge is in the style of a French boudoir and found the perfect match in Jessica for their signature wine.

Disney has stated that the wine will only be available for a year - but also there is a strict Limited Edition size of only 3000 bottles. After it is gone, they do not plan on producing any more. The wine will be available on the ship by the glass or by the bottle. Naturally, Jessica would not put her face on just any product! It will sell for $26 a glass, or can be purchased for $118 in the gift shops.

Worth mentioning is that I find it ironic there is no new art for the wine label - in fact the image of Jessica Rabbit is actually the very well known "untooned" version that has been all over the web for a few years now. The image is slightly altered, and the face used was actually that of Angelina Jolie. I'm fairly certain a Disney artist did not make the untooned version - but the wine is also not created by Disney itself anyway. While Jessica Rabbit's name does not appear to be anywhere on the gold and purple label - it is being recognized as The Jessica Rabbit Wine.