Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #22 - Hearts Mug

The Jessica's store in Pleasure Island offered a lot of merchandise that's becoming harder to find as the years pass. There was so much available that it's getting difficult to track down everything from the store. One item is the Jessica Rabbit heart mug. There were actually several different mugs available in the store, but the heart mugs had the most personality to them.

A new pose, that has since seen pin form of course, shows Jessica Rabbit with a hand on her head, either a bit overwhelmed or just plain playfully propped. It's a great image of Jessica that we have rarely gotten to see over the years. Shes framed in a red heart and of course stamped with Disney/Amblin. The mug itself was a light purple - which matched the color of the store exterior. One small drawback is that they did not use any white color in the printing - Jessica's eye and teeth are the same purple as the mug. This was probably an attempt to save money, but Jessica's lips show some white, and you can see from the hearts that there is some white underneath to make the image stand out more. The mug itself was not white I imagine because her gloves are not printed with color, making them the same purple as the mug also, same with her eyelid.

The rest of the mug is adorned with red hearts, Jessica's signature in black, and a correct version of her lips.This was an item really made to be used, although I have not. It's on the shorter list of Jessica Rabbit houseware merchandise available. A few other things were oven mitts, aprons and shower curtains. There was a "companion" mug to go with this which was the same color but had Jessica blowing a kiss and lips fluttering all around it.

This gets a 4. It's hard not to like a simple mug. The art is great, but the light-purple background might not suit everyone.