Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review # 12 - Halloween Pins

The following Mega-Post covers all of the Jessica Rabbit Halloween pins released so far. Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy!

Title: Tombstone Pin Set Series
Released: September 2005 on Disney's Website
Price: $14.95 each, Base with Mickey Mouse Pin $39.95
Limited Edition: 1000 each

This is the very first Jessica Rabbit Halloween pin ever released - and not only that, but Jessica shares it with none other than Pluto. There were six sets released in this series - each with two pins.

Each couple was connected to a large resin tombstone between them. This was a first for Disney to get as imaginative as they did adding the tombstone - but it didn't end there. You can collect all of the sets and buy a separate display for them. All six of the sets could be placed in a slot on the slanted base for a fun graveyard diorama. The base had a haunted house background and came with a pin of Mickey Mouse dressed as The Big Bad Wolf. The display base sold separately for $39.95. So the whole thing would have cost over $130 - which is actually not too bad considering a six pin set nowadays sells for more, and you don't get a display or tombstones.

To add Pluto with Jessica Rabbit, and in a set with other Disney characters, was a very telling move. It meant that Jessica was now recognizable enough to be alongside the others. It was definitely at this point the Jessica Rabbit pins really started to flourish.

Jessica Rabbit and Tinker Bell though are the only two in this series that are not wearing Halloween costumes. Pluto is dressed as a sheriff, with a small bat flying around his nose. Jessica Rabbit is holding a trick-or-treat pumpkin and at least has a look of fright on her face as she is surrounded by bats flying around her. These are not the first pins to have characters dressed AS other Disney characters, but there were not many before it.

Title: Spiderweb Collection 2006
Released: October 01 2006 in Disneyland
Price: $10.95 each
Limited Edition: 1000 each
Jessica, Tink, Jack and Group Pin Sold Out

While this is the second Halloween pin for Jessica Rabbit, it is the very first one of her actually wearing a Halloween costume - and it seems to be undoubtedly based on Morticia Addams. There is also a dismembered hand crawling on the Happy Halloween 2006 logo. This is what's called pin-on-pin, or 3D. Jessica is another layer that is attached to the background, giving it a look of one pin on another. On the pin I have, the layer of Jessica is a little bit looser than it should be but all together it's still a great pin. The pin backgrounds actually glow in the dark - making that another first for a Jessica Rabbit pin, and there are some bats, a scary looking mansion and of course a spiderweb behind her. The backer card is different from their standard, its now in the shape of a web and is cardboard.

This was part of a series, sold only in Disneyland with other characters like Mickey Mouse dressed as a Jester, Minnie Mouse as a witch, Tinker Bell as a witch, Chip as an angel and Dale as a devil, Jack Skellington as... himself, and Stitch dressed very much like Pugsley Addams. There was also an 8th pin of a group shot with all the characters - except Jack and Jessica, sadly. Jack and Jessica are also the only two characters to have a border around them, although it does not glow.

Title: Halloween 2006 Mystery 5 Pin Set
Released: October 2 2006 on Disney's Website
Price: $39.95 each
Limited Edition: 1000 Sets - Mickey Mouse 1000, Tinker Bell 1000, Jack Skellington 1000, Maleficent 750, Donald Duck with Goofy and Pluto 750, Chip and Dale 250, Cheshire Cat 100, Stitch 100, Jessica Rabbit 50

Mystery sets always annoyed me because you never knew which pin you were going to get. This of course was Disney's selling point, leading to people buying more than one set at a time. Some people might find that kind of surprise a fun thing, but for $40, just give me the pin I want please! Making it even more difficult is the fact that each pin was a different edition size. There were nine pins in all, but you only get five pins.

The set is limited to 1000. Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell and Jack Skellington were limited editions of 1000 - so the three of them were in every set - which leads a customer to get only two more pins. With Jessica Rabbit limited to 50, chances were pretty slim that you were going to get Jessica (I think it comes out to 15 different set combinations if I'm right.)

Again Jessica is not in a Halloween costume and it is a reused pose, although it's altered to show a look of shock on her face. The set is pretty nice, it's a big cardboard haunted house scene where you open little doors and windows to revel the character pins - sort of like those chocolate Christmas Advent calendars - but don't eat the pins!

Title: Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume Series 2006
Released: October 9 2006 on Disney's Website
Price: $12.95 each
Limited Edition: 250 each
All Sold Out

This was the very first Jessica Rabbit costume series to be released. It was previewed at one of Disney's pin events and became highly anticipated. I was in a little bit of protest by now because they were releasing so many Jessica Rabbit pins, and giving us a series of nine pins seemed unfair and expensive... so I only bought five. I think my protest went well.

In this series they reused a lot of poses and just put new costumes on Jessica. The Cat Burglar is the obvious over-the-shoulder pose, but they did well with this one. It's certainly the best of the series, and the only chance we will get to see Jessica Rabbit as Catwoman. It's not called Catwoman but I think it's fairly obvious that's who she is supposed to be. Since Disney bought Marvel - and Catwoman is owned by DC Comics, we will never get to see her as Catwoman, but there is a good chance she will appear as any number of Marvel characters in the future.

The She-Devil Jessica Rabbit looks a little odd but the costume is hot! She has a pitch-fork, horns and a tail!

Jessica Rabbit as a Greek Goddess seems a little out of place here. It does not feel like a Halloween pin to me. There is some nice printing work done on the vase (which means the paint is actually printed onto the pin, not filled in.) The work on this pin is really nice, so its hard not to like it.

When I saw Jessica Rabbit as a French Maid, I debated on if I should get it, but I knew I'd be a fool to pass it up. I didn't expect Disney to go as far to put Jessica Rabbit in such an outfit - but it is a cool pin and she's almost reminiscent of Babette from Beauty and the Beast, especially how she is holding that feather duster.

Jessica Rabbit as Vampiress is my favorite. I like the outstretched cape and the spiderweb on the interior. The costume is very revealing, showing both legs and a plunging neckline similar to Elvira, although I don't know what's up with the weird fishnet shoes. It's very hard to tell but she does have fangs, spider earring and some frayed out eyebrows. Shown during previews, the dress was originally supposed to be blue.

The pins I did not get are Nurse, Little Bo Peep, Cheerleader and School Girl. I'm surprised Disney got to make another Nurse Jessica Rabbit pin after the Nurses Association complained about a Nurse Jessica pin back in 2004, and made them take it off the market. Little Bo Peep is okay but her face seemed off to me. The Cheerleader and School Girl Jessica Rabbit did not seem to fit into this series. I recall there was some confusion as to if the School Girl pin was actually part of the series at first being a 9th pin, and it might not have been released until later in the day - then sold out fast.

Title: Halloween Hinged Doors 6 Pin Set
Released: October 16 2006 on Disney's Website
Price: $129.00
Limited Edition: 100

Rounding out the year of a million Jessica Halloween pins was something a little different. This was a very neat pin set and it seemed, for a time, hinged pins were coming out a lot. We see Roger Rabbit from the back and he is Dressed like Mickey Mouse. You open the hinged door layer to reveal Jessica Rabbit dressed as Minnie Mouse and holding candy. Also on the inside of the opened door we see the front of Roger. This was definitely a great idea and also marked the first time Roger and Jessica dressed as Mickey and Minnie - which again is very important as it's a good show of faith in the two that Disney would dress them as their most famous characters.

The homes of the characters on each pin was themed to fit, like Jessica being in a dressing room. The detail on them is pretty nice, although the dots on Jessica's dress can be a bit blinding as one solid pattern and don't match with the folds of the dress. There is a magnet on the inside of the door to hold it closed which does take away from the look and it's fairly obtrusive.

Title: Happy Halloween 2007 Jessica and Roger Rabbit
Released: August 31 2007 in Disneyland
Price: $10.95
Limited Edition: Open Edition

Jessica and Roger are standing outside what looks like the Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin ride in Disneyland's Toon Town. Jessica Rabbit is dressed as a cowgirl or sheriff and Roger is dressed as a knight - and bobbing for apples which looks like it might be explosive! This pin has the dangle Halloween logo - but also whats known as Free-D, a rubberized element put onto a pin. In this case it's the jack-o-lantern and the green tub with the ACME logo. Jessica also has some glitter in her hair.

Title: Disneyland Halloween 2007 Collection
Released: September 30 2007 in Disneyland
Price: $10.95
Limited Edition: 1000

Disneyland decided to revisit their popular Halloween series for 2007. Nine pins were part of this series including Chip and Dale, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Jack Skellington, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Stitch, Tinker Bell and Jessica Rabbit. By now, people were noticing a theme. These seemed to be Disney's core characters that were appearing again and again in pin sets and series.

These pins were also released on a special purple cardboard backer card that matched the pin itself and all were again pin-on-pin / 3D. Each character had their own little theme - Daisy as a fortune teller, Stitch as a pirate and Jessica with spiderwebs. Jessica is wearing a stunning red and purple dress with a spiderweb across the side. She has a green mask on top of her head and her pose is actually the familiar neon sign pose, although she is facing in the other direction. She is sitting on a skeleton head and there is even a Mickey Mouse shaped jack-o-lantern in the back. The window behind her glows in the dark and the Disneyland logo is printed on.

Title: Jessica Halloween Lanyard with Roger Pin
Released: October 1 2007 on Disney's Website
Price: $19.95
Limited Edition: 500

Some pin collectors and most pin traders wear the lanyard around their neck at parks so they can display or trade their pins with others. So far, there have only been a few Jessica Rabbit lanyards to be released.

The lanyard is orange with black bats around it. There is usually a medallion or pouch at the end of the lanyard chain and the medallions are made of the same materials as the pins. This medallion is a mirror with Jessica Rabbit looking at you. Spiderwebs, spiders and a bat are around her but she is not dressed in a Halloween costume, and her eye was created a bit too small, making her look a little strange.

There is usually a bonus pin that would come with most lanyards, and is this one ever a doozy! It is of Roger Rabbit dressed like you would never have imagined. He is in a gothic style costume, with black hair, two hoop earrings in one ear, spiked wrist cuffs, rings, sharp purple nails, black lips, a purple shirt, ankh necklace, a skull belt with chain, grey pants and high black studded boots.

Title: Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume Jumbo Series 2007
Released: October 8 2007 on Disney's Website
Price: $14.95 each
Limited Edition: 250 each

Unlike last years Jessica Rabbit Halloween series, these pins were jumbo sized. The 2006 series was around 1.5+ inches. These pins were 3 inches - and this time around, Jessica got to dress as some of Disney's most memorable characters. Around this time was the midnight rush for Jessica Rabbit pins. Disney released pins on their site at midnight, which was 3am for the east coast - and still pins were selling out fast. I did not get all of these pins, and two out of the three I got seem to be the least sought after now.

I did manage to get Jessica Rabbit as Maleficent. How I got it I don't know, as it's THE most sought after Jessica Halloween pin today, and Maleficent has become a very popular Disney character. I did make note of this fact on a huge article I submitted to Wikipedia - only to have it chopped up and mainly deleted, with someone telling me Maleficent is NOT a popular Disney character. Right, there is a movie in the works now for her, but what do I know. You can still find my article many places on the web and used in my Jessica Rabbit Toonography. Back to the pin though - it's Jessica Rabbit as Maleficent, the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty. This is a great pin and I never thought Jessica could make Maleficent look so good! She's decked out in the full black and purple costume, horns and magic staff. I'm pretty sure its a reused pose but its still a great pin - especially for a Jessica or Villains collector. This pin did sell out fast the same day.

The next two pins I had to get simply because they seemed the most unique to me. Jessica Rabbit as Goofy just looks plain funny, as it is supposed to. She's got on his oversized shoes and baggy clothes, even his green hat. She's also scratching her head in confusion just like Goofy might do. Jessica as Roger Rabbit I had to get because of the obvious reason. I never thought I'd see her dressed as her husband (and I highly doubt we'll see Roger dressed as Jessica.) She's wearing his big red overalls, bow tie and even ears and feet.

The rest of the pins I did not get but they seem to be popular. The face on Jessica Rabbit as Aladdin looks a little weird. The vest she is wearing looks pretty cool though - and it's good too see that even in the desert, Jessica would still be wearing heels.

Jessica Rabbit as Mrs. Incredible - blah! What can say. Again it's Jessica's head on a body with the shape corrected. They didn't really put the logo on the costume, which would have been nicer. This is the only Pixar character she has dressed as, so far.

Jessica Rabbit as Hercules seemed like an odd choice. I'm not at all opposed to Jessica dressing as male heroes or villains but I think her as Megara would have looked better.

Jessica Rabbit as Alice is up there after her as Maleficent in this series. This was before Tim Burton's movie version so I'm not sure what the appeal was. It's an okay pin, and Jessica is even doing a little curtsey, how sweet. This pin also sold out the same day.

Jessica Rabbit as Peter Pan annoyed me a lot. This pose is a total rip-off of a previously used pose for one of her Christmas pins, and I'm fairly certain the original designer did not reuse it. All that was done was changing her outfit. At this point Disney started this kind of practice more often - people noticed and did not appreciate it much. Still, this pin did sell out.

Title: Boo To You Spooktacular Mystery Boxed Set
Released: October 8 2007 on Disney's Website
Price: $39.95
Limited Edition: 1000 Sets, Mickey Mouse with Chip and Dale 1000, Goofy and Donald 900, Jessica Rabbit and Roger 800, Jack Skellington 500, Maleficent 450, Tinker Bell 200, Stitch 100, Minnie Mouse 50

Finally Jessica Rabbit was not offered as only a Limited Edition 50, so your chances of getting her were much greater this time around. Jessica and Roger are dressed as pirates - and look great! Jessica has the long boots, striped scarf on her waist, a sword and even an eye-patch (on the eye that is usually covered by her hair of course). Roger has a rather scary look about him, for a change, wearing a skull and cross bones hat and holding a pirate flag. There is a bit more detail to this pin - a few more lines to it - making it look pretty interesting. The box these came in was coffin-shaped and as usual you only get four out of the eight pins available, not knowing which ones until you open the box.

Title: Trick or Treat Doors 6 Pin Set
Released: October 15 2007 on Disney's Website
Price: $129.99
Limited Edition: 250

Disney continued the theme of Halloween hinged door pins again with - Roger and Jessica Rabbit, Chip 'n Dale and Donald, Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, Boo, Mike and Sulley, Minnie, Mickey and Pluto, and Piglet, Pooh and Tigger. The characters are all dressed in Halloween costumes and out for a night of trick-or-treating. Jessica Rabbit is dressed as a black cat yet again but looks more like a cat and less like her Cat Burglar pin from the previous year. Roger is dressed like Frankenstein's monster - so why Jessica is not dressed as The Bride I don't know!

Title: Halloween 2008 Series Witch Jessica Pin
Released: October 6 2008 on Disney's Website
Price: $14.95
Limited Edition: 250
Sold Out

One of the fastest pins to sell out for Halloween 2008 was Witch Jessica Rabbit pin. Which pin? The 2008 Witch Jessica Rabbit. Disney took advantage of getting Jessica in full length fishnets again, so it's no surprise this pin sold out. It's hard to describe the outfit she's wearing - a large witch hat with a tatter veil, pointy gloves and a dress. She's sitting in a pose similar to her neon sign on a cauldron with green bubbles foaming around her. There is some printing done on the bubbles to add highlights and I believe her green eye is printed on as well. This was released alongside Witch Tinker Bell, Jack Skellington, Vampire Mickey Mouse, Undertaker Stitch, Headless Horseman and Chernabog. Even Vincent (from Tim Burton's first short film) makes his pin debut.

Title: Halloween 2008 World of Disney Mystery Pin Set
Released: October 6 2008 on Disney's Website
Price: $44.95
Limited Edition: 1000 Sets, Mummy Donald Duck 1000, Goddess Isis Jessica 900, The Pumpkin Head Cheshire Cat 800, Lock, Shock and Barrel 500, Ichabod and The Headless Horseman 200, The Bride Tinker Bell 450, Toilet Paper Stitch 100, Mickey Mouse and Lonesome Ghosts 50

Another lucky Mystery set - Jessica Rabbit dressed as the Goddess Isis LE 900. Jessica is wears a cream colored dress, with large red purple, blue and gold wings out behind her. There is a lot of use of the gold material in this pin, and also in her wings and jewelry they use a clear fill so that the texture of the pin beneath shows, giving it a shimmering look. Again there are eight possible pins, and you only get four. The box is a Donald Duck sarcophagus and all in all the box is not as imaginative as the previous Mystery Sets.

Title: Halloween 2008 Character Costume Series
Released: October 13 2008 on Disney's Website
Price: $14.95
Limited Edition: 250

Everyone wanted to see Jessica Rabbit as a Disney Princess by now, but this was the only offering at that point. Jessica is dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid - complete with green tail and even a purple shell bra! Roger is also here as Eric, but again looks a little weird. I'm not sure if he is supposed to be under water or what but from the look on his face and clothes I assume so.

Title: Jack O' Lantern Series World of Disney 6 Pin Set
Released: October 13 2008 on Disney's Website
Price: $139.95
Limited Edition: 100
Sold Out

Disney's discription: What could be more fun than carving your own Jack O'Lantern for Halloween? Filling it with costumed Disney characters, of course! Our Jack O' Lantern Series World of Disney Pin Set features your favorites posed atop a pumpkin.

Another LE 100 set, and another one sold out naturally. This set Included Cowboy Mickey Mouse, Kitty Kat Jessica, Sunflower Tinker Bell, Jailbird Chip an' Dale, Alien Stitch and Franken-Cheshire Cat.

Jessica Rabbit had less of a cat look this time and more of a... kitten of some kind - and not the innocent ones you find on YouTube. She's wearing a pink dress, her gloves have black trim and she even has small pink ears and a tail. They went an extra step by giving her a black cat nose & whiskers. She has a studded cat collar & green heart-shaped tag, and a white-tipped tail. Like the other characters, she's coming out of a jack-o-lantern pumpkin, and you have to love the expression on its face!

Title: Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume Jumbo Series 2008
Released: October 20 2008 on Disney's Website
Price: $16.95
Limited Edition: 300
Sold Out

This year, the Jessica Jumbo Halloween costume series was cut in half to only four, but the selection was pretty good and the edition size was raised. Jessica Rabbit as The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland seems to be the favorite of this line. It is basically her head on the correctly proportioned body - and she's holding a flamingo mallet. This may have increased in popularity over the years with the release of the live action movie, but it was the most interesting in the series.

Jessica Rabbit as The Evil Queen from Snow White was the next on the list. Again it's just Jessica decked out as The Evil Queen, holding a shiny red apple. I wonder who the Magic Mirror would claim is fairest of them all now?

Jessica Rabbit as Minnie Mouse is definitely a cute pin, and this time the dots on the dress match the flow of the folds on it. There is no bow on the ear hat Jessica is wearing, but she does have on the signature yellow shoes and gloves. Again as you can see, it's that familiar pose we know pretty well now, but since the pin is made really well it's not a bad thing.

Jessica Rabbit as The Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey didn't fair as well, but it did eventually sell out the next day or two after release. Something about this pin does not hit the mark - probably because it is not a full body pose like the others.

Tinker Bell as Jessica Rabbit was also released this week in her own series. Tinker Bell pins were just as popular as Jessica's and this marked the first and so far only time another character has dressed as Jessica Rabbit. This pin was an LE 300 and sold out very quickly. She also dressed as Alice, Peter Pan and Snow White.

Title: Disney's Trick or Treat Mystery Set
Released: September 28 2009 on Disney Shopping
Price: $49.95 - $54.95
Limited Edition: 500 Set, Witch 500, Chernabog 450, Mickey and Donald 400, Zorro Pooh 250, Jack Skellington 225, Tinker Bell as Cat 100, Jessica Rabbit Ballerina 50, Bee Stitch 25

I've rarely seen this set but it was a pretty different look for Jessica Rabbit as a ballerina. She has a dark and light pink tu tu and is holding a trick-or-treat pumpkin. As we can see, Jessica is pretty light on her feet doing a ballerina pose. Again, as is common with Mystery Sets, you get four out of eight possible pins.

Title: Trick or Treat 6 Pin Set
Released: October 12 2009 on Disney's Website
Price: $139.95
Limited Edition: 100
Sold Out

Yet another Halloween LE 100 set, using a lot of same characters that we have seen in the past. Mickey Mouse, Cheshire Cat, Tinker Bell, Stitch and Jessica Rabbit but this time Huey, Dewey and Louie join in. Jessica is not dressed in a Halloween costume but she is coming out of a jack-o-lantern blowing a kiss and she is surrounded by ghosts, with a bat flying by.

Title: Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume Jumbo Series 2009
Released: October 19 2009 on Disney's Website
Price: $16.95
Limited Edition: 300
Sold Out

After years of fast and mysterious pin sell out's and many complications with their website, Disney finally listened to customers and took action for 2009. The Tinker Bell, Jessica Rabbit and LE 100 Halloween pins required customers to order them by phone and were also limited to 3 pins per design per customer - and it was to stay in effect for a 24 hour period while supplies lasted. Since the Disney hotline didn't open until 8am, this gave more people a better opportunity to buy them - however these pins did eventually sell out the same day. This year they cut back and only offered three different pins instead of four.

Jessica Rabbit as Ursula from The Little Mermaid was the favorite this year. When I first heard she would be dressed like Ursula, I couldn't imagine what it was going to look like - but they did a great job on this one. It is an old pose but it's one we really have not seen very much. Jessica is totally redressed in a Ursula costume, complete with a black tentacle dress and seashell necklace, showing a lot of leg - in purple stockings and black heels.. Since she is sitting on a rock, this is the widest of the three pins and the most detailed. Jessica even has a tuft of grey hair, just like Ursula's.

People seemed to complain about the next two, particularly Jessica Rabbit as Captain Hook from Peter Pan. Customers wanted to see Jessica Rabbit finally dressed as Tinker Bell or a Disney Princess rather than a male villain. In person though, this pin is really very well done. Jessica is strutting her stuff as The Captain, complete with feathered hat, sword and of course a hook for a hand.

Jessica Rabbit as The Blue Fairy from Pinocchio seemed to be the least liked and the last to sell out. There is something about the pin that is a little off - and perhaps adding some sparkle or clear fill somewhere could have peaked more interest. Again, in person, it looks a lot better than photos can capture.

Title: Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume Series 2010
Released: October 4 2010 on Disney's Website
Price: $14.95
Limited Edition: 250
Sold Out

So, here we are again. After years of knowing that the Jessica Halloween pins were selling out way too fast, the ball was dropped this year. There was no limit amount on how many you could buy and the pins did not require a phone order. It was chaos once again and the pins sold out in no time. That is, if you could find them on the site. Disney changed the look of their site and people were having a little trouble navigating through it. Aside from that, every Monday pins are listed between midnight and 12:30 am (again for people on eastern time that's 3 in the morning!) Sometimes there is a little lag getting all the pins up, which is understandable. This did not happen the week before and mysteriously, none of the Halloween pins that week sold out - not even the LE 100 Female Villain set. Not to be all paranoid here, but the general public is not the only group fighting to get their hands on these pins - so are Disney Employees. With pins limited to 250, that's not a lot to go around. It also became very common for customers with a little cash to burn to buy maybe 5 or more pins at a time and then list them on eBay later for double the price or more (that would be ideal for a Disney employee to do since they might have prior knowledge when a pin is due to come out and get a discount.)

People waited and waited for the 2010 Halloween series to appear, but they did not. Pin message boards were lighting up with confusion - especially when one or two people claimed they found the pins - even though the majority of us could not. An hour turned into almost two and finally someone posted a link where they found the pins. The link did indeed work - unlike a previous link which turned up a blank page. By then though, two of the four had already sold out, and the Jessica pins, eight Tinker Bell pins and set of LE 100 Male Disney Villains could still not be found by searching the site or on the main page of new pin releases as they normally are. It was only through that magic link could you find the pins. It was disappointment and frustration to say the least.

I had trouble during check out but I finally snagged a Candy Witch and Cleopatra Jessica. The pin measurements were listed, so it was obvious they would not be jumbo pins - but in the title of the pin it calls them Jumbo. People were also further disappointed that it was not a series of Jessica Rabbit AS another Disney character - but hey, they still sold out!

Jessica Rabbit as Cleopatra is the nicest of the two I got. The flowing robes, the adornments, details, and pose - all worked well. It's nice to see they used two colors for the inner and outer green on the cape, and there is even some egyptian makeup under her eye.

Jessica Rabbit as Candy Witch is the least interesting for some reason, but it's not the worst I've seen. Her face is done well and the pose is cute - and at least is something new! She wears a candy corn colored witch hat and dress with black and orange fingerless gloves while she sits on a cauldron. Surprisingly she's wearing black leggings this time.

Jessica Rabbit as a Devil was one of the pins I could not get and really my second choice. She has red horns, pitchfork and tail, black net gloves and a red, black and white mini dress. This time, unlike her other devil pin, she has red wings which feature red glitter.

Jessica Rabbit as a Vampire was first on my list - and I knew this pin would be the fastest to sell out, which it did. Jessica is dressed as a victorian era vampire with a flowing back cape that is red inside. She has a high spiked collar coat, purple corset and long black and purple dress. Watch out, she also has fangs! I have yet to see this in person but it looks great - the only downside being they were not jumbo pins.

Title: I Want Candy Series
Released: October 11 2010 on Disney's Website
Price: $14.95
Limited Edition: 250

Jessica Rabbit is dressed as an unraveling Mummy! And she's going door to door, holding a trick-or-treat pumpkin and looking for some candy - candy corn perhaps as she is surrounded by them in a square border around the pin!
If Jessica knocks on your door looking for candy - what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO???

Title: Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume Jumbo Series 2010
Released: October 18 2010 on Disney's Website
Price: $16.95
Limited Edition: 300
Sold Out

These pins got a bit of flack at first. Based on the "preview" images found, lots of people didn't feel the 2010 Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume Jumbo series was going to meet their expecations. Some said they looked like unauthorized "fan-made" pins. The gold metal border around the pins does seem a bit thicker, and the lines looked very stiff and templated. This is also the first time in a long time that Disney used actual photos of the pins, rather than the production art. Still, this series was a total shock and surprise to everyone, since it was believed the other four Jessica costume pins were all we were going to get for Halloween 2010.
In this series, Jessica Rabbit is dressed as Jasmine from Aladdin, The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and finally Jessica Rabbit as Tinker Bell. Even with some early complaints, these pins sold out fast, even with the 3 pin per style limit in effect. Disney's website was once again having issues and it took quite some time for the pins to show up. If you added a Jessica pin to your Shopping Cart on the site, it wouldn't add it for some reason. However, crafty customers discovered you had to refresh the page after clicking "add to cart" and the pin would then be added. With all that mess, there are discrepancies as to how and when each pin actually sold out.

The long awaited and anticipated Jessica Rabbit as Tinker Bell finally materalized for Halloween 2010. In person, all the pins actually look a lot better, but Jessica as Tink is the best when factoring in the glitter wings. Sparkles are hypnotic! Some people felt she looked a little too... rugged - and were not totally happy with her face design. This may have been the first pin of the series to sell out, in around 30 minutes, with earliest "sold out" letters being sent out 22 minutes after release.

Jessica as Jasmine is actually very nice. All the aspects are correct here. The pose, the hair, and the look.

With Jessica as Esmerelda, I definitely expected better. Why isn't she in a nice dancing pose. This is a very static - just standing - Jessica stock art pose with an Esmerelda costume in my opinion. Both Jessica as Esmerelda and as Jasmine were reported as saying "not available" on Disney's site an hour after release.

Even though Jessica Rabbit as Mad Hatter could have used a much more zany and energetic pose, it became the odd "holy grail" of sorts because not everyone who placed an order for it early was able to get it - receiving a letter from Disney saying that the pin sold out. Yet, people who placed their orders later were able to get them (i.e. I placed my order at 3:13am and was later told it was sold out - other people placed their orders a full 15 minutes plus after me and they got the pin - so it could not have been sold out when I ordered!) This happened to several customers so it's not certain when this pin actually did sell out. I believe I got the earliest bogus "sold out" letter, but it looks like this pin officially sold out in around 45 minutes, even though it was not listed on the site as sold out until an hour after release.

Title: DSF Halloween Jessica Rabbit
Released: October 7 2011 at Disney's Soda Fountain Store
Price: $10.95
Limited Edition: 150
Sold Out

Jessica Rabbit sits in one of her more iconic poses, this time dressed in all black. She's holding a witches hat on her knee, and flying through the sky on her broom. The yellow background includes a graveyard scene, a spider and web, and the whole thing is outlined by green vines from the pumpkin patch below.

Title: DCL Halloween Jessica Rabbit
Released: September 26 2013 on Disney's Cruise Ships
Price: $11.95
Limited Edition: 1000

Even the Disney Cruise Line is adding Jessica Rabbit to the Halloween lineup. In this pin, Jessica is dressed as a mermaid and holding a sack of candy. She is sitting on a big rock wearing a shell top and a mermaid tail. You can see some of the ocean, the cruise ship and the moon. Inside the moon there is the Disney Cruise Line logo and Halloween 2013. The backs of these pins to bear a numeric code stamp.

Title: DCL Halloween Jessica Rabbit
Released: September 28 2013 at Disney's Soda Fountain Store
Price: $16.95
Limited Edition: 300 Surprise Release

The front background image has an orange glitter fill. Jessica's original signature is on the right of the pin. There is also the "2013" below that and the usual half shot of her which as with the rest of the pins in this series. The inside shows Jessica Rabbit dressed as a witch for Halloween with a long black gown, hat, gloves and boots. She is on a broom, flying through the air with a jack-o-lantern in tow. The background is a black glitter fill and you can see wisps of wind around her. The calendar portion is printed on the bottom half. Halloween is indicated with a pumpkin on the calendar.

Title: DSF Jessica Rabbit As Villains Series
Released: October 5 2013 at Disney's Soda Fountain Store
Price: $16.95
Limited Edition: 400

After a year of no Halloween Jessica pins in 2012, DSF brought back the Jessica As series, though three of their four pins released show Jessica Rabbit as villains she has dressed as before. In this series As Ursula Jessica Rabbit is wearing a long dress with one leg showing and the dress ending in purple tentacles. There is also a big ocean wave behind her which is a second layer. As Maleficent, Jessica is holding the magic staff and wearing horns and long flowing black and purple robes. There are also the stone wings from Maleficent's throne behind her as the second layer. The surprise release was Jessica As the Queen of Hearts. She is wearing a crown, red and black gown, and holding a heart shaped fan. The second layer is a queen of hearts card. As Cruella De Vil, Jessica is dressed in the familiar fur coat and holding a purse and long cigarette in one hand. She has a black dress and also the signature black and white hair - though the style of the hair is Jessica's and not Cruella's crazy look. Perdita and Pongo are the second layer of the pin.

Although the following are not Halloween pins, they do fit the theme and are worthy of mention:

Title: Memories 2005 Collection
Released: February 13 2005 in Disneyland
Price: $10.50
Limited Edition: 1000

Jessica Rabbit might be a little too scared to take a plunge on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Or perhaps she just exited the ride. In this pin we see quite a shocked Jessica Rabbit, who is holding her head in her hands with eyes wide as she overlooks The Hollywood Tower Hotel.

The pin looks a like an old photo with a white border and "Memories 2005" is at the top left corner and "Disneyland Resort" at the bottom right corner. Jessica herself is pin-on-pin.

Title: WDI HM Mystery Doombuggy
Released: January 17 2010
Price: $9.95
Limited Edition: 300
Sold Out

This pin was a Walt Disney Imagineer Exclusive, meaning it was only available to Disney Employees. Exclusives eventually show up on eBay though so the public still has a chance to get them either that way or by trading with cast members for it.

Jessica Rabbit is dressed as a maid from The Haunted Mansion in a dark green dress with apron and white hat, and is in the Haunted Mansion catacombs next to the ride vehicle, the doombuggy. The others in the series were Tinker Bell, Alice, Chip, Dale and Epcot's mascot Figment.

Title: WDI Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts
Released: March 27 2010
Price: $12.95
Limited Edition: 300

Another Walt Disney Imagineer Exclusive limited edition pin, but this time it features the Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts. However, the third ghost, Gus, has been replaced by a different character! Either Tinker Bell, Stitch, Chip and Dale, Jack Skellington or Jessica Rabbit. I know you're surprised by that character selection.

Jessica Rabbit and the other two Hitchhiking Ghosts are pin-on-pin in front of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. Jessica and the ghosts are done in an erie light-green clear fill, giving them a ghostly look - and Jessica Rabbit is holding the ball and chain and sticking out a thumb - just as the third ghost, Gus, would do. This is the first time Jessica Rabbit appears as a ghost and her second Haunted Mansion pin.