Saturday, January 25, 2020

Pre-order The Jessica Rabbit Bouquet By Roseshire

Now you can get the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the Jessica Rabbit fan in your life! Roseshire, renowned for their luxury rose arrangements, has collaborated with Disney to create a stunning holiday bouquet. Featuring the Toontown femme fatale herself, this will be a first time for Jessica and a perfect way to bring her into the holiday. What does Roseshire have to offer this Valentine's Day? Let's take a look...

At one time Jessica started to become associated with holidays like Valentine's Day, Christmas and even Halloween. This was due to her popular pin releases from years ago where she was featured in different themed costumes and outfits. This year the spirit of the character is back in the form of an impressive box of vibrant roses by Roseshire. The company is dedicated to making the best presentation for one of the most classic gifts symbolizing love.

The presentation box is fully decorated with images of Jessica. On the front she is standing in the spotlight against a dramatic red backdrop bordered in white, her curvy silhouette in shadows with her dress highlighted and sparkling. The movie and company logos are seen at the top and bottom. The sides of the box are red, bordered in white, and there's even a old-style microphone. On the inside we get to see beautiful artwork of Jessica in her sparkling gown, with her name positioned at the top in signature style.

Naturally, the real show-stopper that can only match Jessica Rabbit are the luxury roses carefully placed for a stunning presentation. You can even order in an amount of your choice - one dozen $125, two dozen $205, four dozen $265.

Visit the website today to pre-order and assure you get them in time for Valentine's Day! There is also a fantastic selection of other characters like The Little Mermaid, Minnie Mouse and Beauty and the Beast.