Wednesday, February 14, 2018

15 Years Of Posting Jessica Rabbit News

2018 marks my 15th year of posting Jessica Rabbit news and info! This all began back in 2003, I started a Jessica Rabbit Yahoo Group just as her pins first started to be created during the Official Pin Collecting heyday. I was continually surprised to see even more merchandise soon follow like statues, mugs, shirts and more! After several great years on the Yahoo Group I decided to buy the domain name. Slowly, I added more and more to the site with things like Merchandise Reviews and Artist Interviews. The Jessica news might have slowed down in the last couple of years but I keep the site here, always dedicated to the Toontown diva herself. Jessica Rabbit is my favorite cartoon character and has been ever since I saw the movie in 1988. I am glad I can serve as a place people can always go to learn more or get any information. I thank everyone who continues to enjoy this site and am very honored to be at over 1.5 Million Page Views today. Here's a sample of the front page news and art from over the last 15 years!