Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jessica Rabbit Rock Candy Figure By Funko Coming Soon

Funko continues to expand on their Rock Candy figure series and recently announced more Disney characters will be added to the line. Alice in Wonderland and Mrs. Incredible were revealed through Funko's website and may be on display at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. This series of figures has been dedicated to leading ladies of pop culture, such as Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Barbie and Monster High but added male characters to it with the Harry Potter series. Cleaver internet scavengers found that another character might be on the way - Jessica Rabbit!

Jessica would make a great addition to the Rock Candy line, and when this series debuted many people, including myself, voiced their opinion on adding her in. It looks like this might just be happening some time in the near future. Jessica Rabbit is currently listed on certain websites like Barnes and Nobel and GameStop, but there are no further details at this time other than the price listed at $9.95. With Comic Con happing next month, she might be another character on display. This comes as welcomed news in what has been a drought for Jessica merchandise in these last few years. A Rock Candy figure of Elvira was also reveled recently and shows how promising it would be to have Jessica in this format. More news will be posted as it comes in!

-- UPDATE --
The Jessica Rabbit Rock Candy figure has been revealed !!