Saturday, August 13, 2016

New Jessica Rabbit Art Available

Some new Jessica Rabbit artwork and sketches have surfaced online. Certain stores in the Disney Parks and Disney Marketplace have been selling character sketches for many years. Jessica has always been available at one time or another but I've never personally seen one of her sketches for sale when in one of the stores. Two new artist sketches and one new art piece were recently found...

The two sketches of Jessica Rabbit are poses we have seen before. The first sketch is a medium shot by Aleah Jarssek. The pose is from the scene where she is singing on-stage at the Ink and Paint Club. It's colored in only black and red pencil. The Disney Art seal can be seen above the signature. The second pose is by Alex Iniguez. This pose can be seen in several promotional art pieces and pins. Jessica is standing with one hand on her hip and the other blowing a kiss. It's a full body image drawn in colored pencils. There are gold rays from a spotlight shining down on her. Both were found in Disneyland.

The last piece was found in Disney World. It is a framed piece with a Polynesian theme. Jessica is standing on a vibrant beach holding a tropical drink in one hand and is leaning against a tiki carving. She's wearing a flower lei and a red one-piece bathing suit.