Friday, August 9, 2013

The 2013 D23 Convention

Here's an official D23 report from our correspondent, Andoni, out there in the middle of all the exciting D23 happenings. A Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin ride vehicle of Lenny the Cab (Benny's cousin) was on display with information which reads:

"Based on the 1988 hit film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin features 17 Audio Animatronics figures, 59 animated props, and 20 special effects, letting guests revisit Toontown as Roger attempts to rescue his beloved wife, Jessica Rabbit, from the evil henchmen known as the Weasels.

As the attraction takes you through downtown Toontown, be on the lookout for the dreaded glowing dip, which could send your cartoon ride into a turbulent tailspin! Up until that point, the vehicle is controlled and the steering wheel is rigid - but as soon as you hit the dip, the vehicle starts spinning!

Once this kinetic action begins, it continues pretty much non-stop, much like the movie it pays homage to - full of wild humor and over-the-top "toonage.

Some new Jessica merchandise from Mickey's of Glendale can be had in the form of the glittered Jessica Rabbit bottle opener for $15.95, and there are some exclusive pieces available at D23 like the Redheads signed print from Acme Limited by Amy Mebberson.

The Roger and Jessica Rabbit statue by Costa Alavezos is certainly getting a lot of attention - the full color version is the one available to the general public and the bronze version is a special Limited Edition of 50.

This stunning artwork of Roger and Jessica Rabbit from the climactic movie ending is by Manny Hernandez. It is available unframed at 16" x 12" for $125.

Even around the parks there is still Jessica Rabbit merchandise hiding away. This artwork can be found at Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disney.