Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gear Up For Adventure Event at Disneyland

In August, Disneyland's Gear Up For Adventure Event will include several new pins which are part of A Car Show At Disneyland collection. The characters will include Mickey, Dumbo, Toy Story, Oswald, Monsters Inc., Tinker Bell, and Jessica Rabbit. There is an entry process to buy these pins which begins on July 25th, so if you plan on making the Road Trip To California, you better sign up today.

The Jessica Rabbit's Body Shop limited edition pin is part of the new "Car Show at Disneyland" collection debuting at the August 17th, 2012 Gear Up For Adventure Event at the Disneyland Resort. Jessica is pin-on-pin, standing in a sparkly purple jumpsuit, holding a heart shaped wrench over her shoulder. There is a red car in the back with its hood opened which says Jessica's inside - and Body Shop below in the license plate. The pins will come on special backer cards and be a limited edition of 500, and sell for $13.95 each. There is also a framed set of car pins being released with pictures of Jessica's Body Shop and Benny the Cab.