Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vanity Fair Challenge - Which Toon Is Sexier Than Jessica

**UPDATE** 4/2/12


Vanity Fair asks on their Hollywood Blog, "Is There Any Animated Character That Is Sexier Than Jessica Rabbit?" So, does this mean our favorite toon Diva is in competition for her crown?

Don't let Jessica down! Log on to Vanity Fair and take their March Madness poll to decide for yourself who the better toon is. It appears this will be an ongoing challenge so check back here often.

Vanity Fair Challenge - Final Round

4/2/12 - Jessica Rabbit wins over Pocahontas 62% to 37%!!

Vanity Fair Challenge - Round Three

3/29/12 - Jessica wins over Esmerelda 60% to 39%

Vanity Fair Challenge - Round Two

3/26/12 - Jessica just gets by against Ariel 57% to 42%. It's getting close!

Vanity Fair Challenge - Round One

3/20/12 - Jessica Rabbit wins 64% against Princess Jasmine 35%