Monday, March 7, 2011

NEW Jessica Rabbit Digital Dress Up Doll

There are a few Jessica Rabbit digital paper dolls on line, but one of them is certainly worth taking a look at and guarantees hours of fun dressing a cartoon diva in several different ways.

The Jessica Rabbit Dress Up doll by Azalea is artistically created, with several different hairstyles and outfits to choose from. There are even a flood of people taking snapshots of what they create and link to them on the artists Deviantart page. What can we do with the Jessica Rabbit digital Dress Up Doll? Well, first lets update Jessica's hair a little bit to make it more modern.

Second we can choose from many different outfits - and change their colors. So, Jessica has an important morning meeting with the Disney Executives about some of her new pin designs. What does she wear? Well, she'd decked out in a pink skirt, plum jacket and accessorized with a heart necklace (probably given to her by Roger of course.) An outfit like that looks stylish but still commands some attention.

After her morning meeting she is off to lunch with her honey bunny, Roger. She ties back her hair and throws on jeans and a green form-fitting top. Seeing her husband she naturally now has a smile on her face.

Jessica is off to do a radio interview. You know how cold those studios can be inside - so Jessica wears a knitted light blue shirt and a long skirt to match. One quick styling to her hair and she's ready to go.

Disney decided to make Jessica Rabbit an honorary Princess for a Day. Dressed in a long pink dress and puffed sleeve shirt - Jessica certainly fits in with any of the other girls. Her hair is shorter and she tops off the look with pearls, short white gloves and pink shoes with white bows.

It's showtime - and Jessica runs to do her latest number at the Ink and Paint Club. Jessica is dressed all in green, even her eye make-up.

What a long day in the life of Jessica Rabbit. Only a cartoon could pull off that many looks in one day. Now it's time for bed! I wonder what will be on the schedule tomorrow? Now you can decide with the Jessica Rabbit Dress Up Doll by Azalea. But the fun does not end there. You can have your pick of several different characters by visiting Azalea's Dress Up Dolls, having fun with other characters like Esmerelda, Giselle, Brigitte Bardot, Vampire Girl, and a Warrior Maker. Below you can find just a few more looks that you can give to Azalea's Jessica Rabbit Dress Up Doll.

Jessica Rabbit Paper Dolls