Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Jessica Christmas pins coming and a 3D Roger & Jessica picture frame

Dubbed the Jessica "Mrs. Santa" pins, maybe she once again asks who's been naughty or nice!

Pin collecting is something either people like or do not. The reason I think it's pretty good is because you can at least get a good piece of merchandise of your favorite character that is relatively inexpensive.

But in terms of Jessica pins this year, not much has been released. To date, only eight pins have been released in parks, as opposed to the over 20 from last year.

Yes, even I was getting tired of the pins. This years Jessica Nurses Day pins was pretty much the same as last years, and I still haven't gotten a few of them that came out this year. They weren't as "fun."

But that all changed last week while addressing this on a Disney pin website. I was pointed directly to images of the soon to be released Jessica six pin set. Darn my big mouth. Luckily I asked because the very next day the pins were on the Disney Auction site. I did win a set and I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival. What made me want to get them is they are limited to only 100 - are gold finished, have glittered gowns (finally) and are larger than regular pins. Oh, and that they are of JESSICA! So they weren't the usual pins.

Then I see Jessica Christmas pins are coming out! One of them I like, the other two I'm not so sure about - but who am I kidding, I'll want all three. I'm not sure if they will also be limited to 100 and gold, but it doesn't look that way.

So with the gaining popularity surrounding Jessica and with the release of a plethora of merchandise last year, unfortunately this year got off to a slow start in the pin department. However it made way for other items like the Curtain Call two sided mug, the Surf Shack T-shirt and beach towel, and of course the Classics Collection statue. So in place of the pins, we got these other more collectible and practical items. I would say that it's quite a comeback and long overdue. Hopefully it's just the beginning.

Lastly, there is another mystery item released I cannot seem to track down. Disney World has released a Roger and Jessica 3D picture frame. You know the kind - the sculpture type frames. This is something to have. The background is a red curtain (which has a material feel to it) Roger is on one side, love-struck with a heart (that bounces on a spring) and says, "Be still my heart." Jessica is on the other, sitting on a piano in her Pleasure Island sign pose. Her dress is glittered and her leg is movable to simulate that swing effect! A 3x5 photo fits right in the middle.