Thursday, October 16, 2003

Christmas with Jessica Rabbit !

Following an empty Christmas last year, there are two new Christmas Jessica items this year; one already released and one coming soon.

ON SALE NOW - The Jessica Rabbit Mistletoe Christmas Hat. Quite a unique item, this Christmas hat is white trimmed with embroidered kiss marks around - one kiss mark saying "Jessica Rabbit." Jessica is embroidered on the front from her "Naughty or Nice" ornament pose saying "Happy Holidays." The hat has a large green and red spiral, and at the top is the mistletoe with another Jessica picture. It sells for $28 at Disney's Days of Christmas. You can order it directly from the store by calling the number in our database section. Other merchandise lines do not have it on file and so far that is the only place selling this hat. Even they didn't know they had it until I made them look for it.

On November 24 in Walt Disney World, a Christmas Jessica pin will be released. Jessica is wearing a Christmas hat and decked out in a Christmas mini-skirt. This is an open edition pin and will sell for $6.50.

Also coming in November is the DIVA Jessica pin. Finally recognized by Disney as a diva - Jessica shimmers in this pin - similar to the All American Liberty Bell pin - Jessica sits atop a heart with the word DIVA below. It will be released in Disneyland and is Limited to 2500 pins.