Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #73 - Pulse Gallery Pins

Pulse Gallery UK has released a series of brand new fine art Jessica Rabbit pins - and they are some of the most gorgeous pieces I've seen. Jessica became a well known figure when it came to pins several years back, but recently she hasn't been seen nearly as much. Pulse Gallery presented four new beautiful pins, each with features like glitter, printing, embossing, stained glass and dual layers. I am extremely grateful they sent me these pins to review, so let's take an up-close look at each of them...

Pulse Gallery in the UK finally brought Jessica back to her pin heyday and released four incredibly detailed Jessica Rabbit pins that are much more considered fine art. I was amazed how well they captured her likeness and how far they went into the specifics of the character. These are officially licensed, making them genuine Jessica pins.

The Jessica Rabbit Love Heart pin might be my most favorite up close and personal portrait of her. It is hands down the best a likeness can get. The pin itself is three inches in diameter, making this something I've been calling a plate rather than a pin. It has to be one of the biggest pins of her ever made. It had some real weight to it when I held it. The pose is right out of the Ink and Paint Club scene, and it's great having actual pins from memorable movies moments. The pin is two layers, with Jessica the front layer. She features printing on her eye as well as shadows and highlights. This added touch really makes this pin stand out over anything we have ever seen before. You do have a glimpse of her dress, and it is filled with red glitter. The background is a clear red filled circle with a heart pattern embossed onto the metal backing. This pin is a Limited Edition of 300.

The Roger and Jessica Rabbit Pin on Glass is technically part of a series, with characters set against a clear enamel background that has a scene printed onto it. The scene here is the climactic ending where Roger and Jessica are tied together to face the Dipmobile. Again there are the printing elements of shadows and smaller features like eyes. Roger, Jessica, the rope and hook are the top layer of the pin, with the brick printed clear enamel being the bottom layer. There is also red glitter fill to Jessica's dress. This is the only pin that features Roger but the vibrant colors and expression really make this pin stand out. The choice of pose, clear background and print work make this an incredible sight in person. It's unlike any pin we have ever seen of The Rabbits before. This is also a Limited Edition of 300.

The next two pins are full figures of Jessica and are equally as beautiful. Cocktails with Jessica and Jessica With Mic are about 3.5" inches tall and have all the extras as the first two pins. One thing I loved seeing is Jessica's martini glass stage prop, which is pretty much never shown on any merchandising. This combined with the band instruments really gives us the feel from the Ink and Paint Club. This pose is also right out of the movie, as Jessica steps through the sparkling blue curtains for the first time. Jessica with the microphone is the only pin that isn't a duel layer but sparkles the most with all that red glitter fill. The pose does come from the movie, more so the top half, when Jessica meets with Eddie in his office. Though we don't see Jessica with a microphone in the movie, it's not uncommon to see her with one for merchandise or artwork. Both pins are a Limited Edition of 250.

Beyond Jessica Rabbit, Pulse Gallery has a big selection of other characters and artwork available as some of the best fine art pins that you'll ever find. To say I am impressed by what they offer is an understatement. I've never been so amazed by pins since back to days of Disney Auctions, and these are far beyond those in terms of quality. Each pin was flawless, shiny and solid. All four pins are stamped on the back with a pattern and the edition size, and all of them have the traditional rubber Mickey icon holders. The backer cards also act as a Certificate of Authenticity, with all the information on the reverse side.

Again, I'd like to thank Pulse Gallery for sending me these pins to review. They have to be the best I have ever seen, no question. There's still time to buy these pins on the Pulse Gallery website. While located in the UK, they do ship to the US. After seeing just how beautiful these look in person I really do hope there are more Jessica pins in the future.