Friday, February 4, 2022

Roger Rabbit ReAction Figures By Super7 Revealed

For almost 35 years there had been certain characters missing when it comes to action figure form but, at last, Super7 has filled the void in the world of Who Framed Roger Rabbit collectibles. A series of five brand new ReAction figures will be released very soon, and fans of the movie can finally have some of their favorite characters from Toontown.

When the movie was originally released in 1988 there was a series of six bendy figures made called Flexies. They included Roger, Jessica, Eddie, Judge Doom, Baby Herman and Boss Weasel. These were in a larger 6" scale and featured no articulation since the premise was the bendable feature. It took me ten years before I was able to buy Jessica online, and to this day that had been the only real type of "figure" for her. There was a line of 3¾" action figures made as well called Animates but they left out Jessica and Baby Herman! 

Almost 35 years later it was pretty amazing that no company was able to create another action figure series of these characters. In stepped famed toy company Super7. Their ReAction Figure line had once been in partnership with Funko and saw a great deal of popularity. Since then Super7 has gone on to create figures of various different characters such as He-Man, The Munsters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Back to the Future and the Universal Monsters.

Now, Who Framed Roger Rabbit has finally made a real leap off the big screen and into the action figure realm with five characters from the movie set for release on Tuesday, February 8th. Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Smarty Weasel, Judge Doom and Stupid Weasel will be included in the series. You can buy them directly from Super7 on the day of release!