Saturday, June 9, 2018

Jessica Rabbit Figure By Miss Mindy Revealed

In February during the New York Toy Fair a new figure series by Miss Mindy was on display including characters like Jack and Sally, Alice in Wonderland, and Jessica Rabbit. Miss Mindy had hinted several times in the past that she'd love to create a Jessica figure. This figure is made with all her flair and signature style. It will be part of a new series of Vinyl Figures released in September 2018. Let's take a closer look...

Jessica is still her classic self, with purple gloves, sparkling gown and peek-a-boo hair style but she has a few embellishments. She has puffy sleeves with music notes and a heart on either side. Her dress has star shapes on her left side. She has a pink heart on her right knee. There is also a giant pink bow on the back of her dress in which the ribbons assist in making her stand upright. This figure also happens to be a set. Jessica comes with a mini Roger Rabbit figure. Roger's eyes are heart shaped as he stares at his beautiful wife, and has rosy cheeks. Jessica is 7 inches tall and will sell at around $25.

Official description:
"Miss Mindy's Jessica Rabbit recreates the sensational singer with heart and music details as well as a large pink bow on her back. The glamorous bombshell is accompanied by a mini Roger Rabbit, who has hearts in his eyes for his beautiful wife."
Information via Enesco Business