Saturday, October 29, 2016

New Jessica Rabbit Art By Daniel Killen

There's some new artwork that has shown up in Disneyland very recently. This was spotted by drj1828 while in the Main Street Disneyana shop. This original artwork, titled Let Me Count the Ways, features both Roger and Jessica Rabbit and it has been quite a long time since we have seen any artwork, or merchandise in general, of the toon couple.

Jessica appears to have finished singing and is backstage at the Ink and Paint Club, with its blue curtains around her. She's holding a bouquet of red roses. Roger is also here, with hearts in his eyes as well has his ears taking that shape too. There is a red rose below him on the vanity table along with lipstick, a brush and perfume bottles. At first look I noticed that Jessica's hair was covering the wrong side of her face, but when looking closer you will notice there are lightbulbs and a frame around the couple and the items on the table are showing, indicating you're looking at the mirrors reflection of the two. There is also a little photo of Roger in the top corner with a lipstick mark. The whole thing has a silver textured matte and is framed in black. The result is stunning. This is a really fun and cute design that I wish would be made into shirts or other merchandise. It was painted and signed by Daniel Killen. Since this is an original piece it is selling for $3,200. Thanks to drj1828 for letting me use this photo, you'll want to check out that Flickr page for a lot more Disney merchandise.