Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gary Wolf and Roger Rabbit

There's some big news out of Toontown! Did you know that Who Framed Roger Rabbit is nearing the 1 Billion dollar mark? That's right, all these years later people still love the rabbit. If you've been on this site, you know a third Roger Rabbit novel, Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?, is due out any day now. The long wait is finally over. You can read my review of the book HERE, and while you're waiting, why not download a free copy of the first novel, Who Censored Roger Rabbit? - available until November 26th. If you pre-ordered the new novel, then you're already flipping the digital pages to see what's to become of Roger, Eddie and Jessica. Don't forget - the third novel is out for major release Friday, November 29th. Recently, Gary Wolf gave a little insight into the writing of all the Roger Rabbit series over at Musa Publishing's blog, see what it took to bring all these characters to the page:
Musa Publishing: Gary and Roger - Together Forever : Writing Through The Ages by Andrea Colasanto