Sunday, January 1, 2006

2005 ends and more Jessica pins coming soon

2005 was one Jessica filled year - and not only with pins, but with some great collectables.

The first Jessica Big Figure was release and hot on it's heals was another released exclusively through Disney Auctions on Roger and Jessica together.

Finally an official Jessica Halloween costume was released.

Jessica got the spotlight in her very own Music Box and Snowglobe.

She also graced the front of many shirts this year.

Of course too, there were many pins, 41 of them. The most Jessica pins to be released in one year. They ranged from the weird, like Jessica playing Baseball, to some long awaited ones, like Jessica Pleasure Island.

She was in a set along side Pluto for Halloween and also on a shirt with Mickey in New York. She sure made her mark this year.

We now wait to see whats to come - and already the pin craze continues with three pins on the way. Two of them are pretty shocking for Jessica. One being a Football Roger and Jessica pin. Jessica is dressed very scantily as a cheerleader with glittered top and mini skirt.

There is also a Winter Fun Roger and Jessica pin coming out with glittered snow and Jessica in a red and white dress and hat, showing a lot of leg.

The other pin is going to be at DisneyShopping and is Jessica wearing a black fur coat which is falling off her shoulders while she holds roger in her coat. She's got her legs both showing in this one. Surely getting a little more risque with the Jessica pins lately.