Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Christmas Jessica pins and more pins coming soon...

Now available on Disney's Auction site are the Jessica as Mrs. Santa pins.

So far only two of the three pins are up for purchase, Jessica putting on her Christmas hat and her holding a candle. The pin of her holding a gift still isn't up but may be released later in the week. There are still a few pins left for sale at $12 each.

Available in Disneyland Paris on December 11th is the Jessica Christmas dangle pin. The only way to get this, unless you live in or plan a trip to France, is on eBay.

Also, coming soon are three new pins. First is a two-pin set in a "yin and yang" style of Jessica and Roger. The next is a pin of Jessica leaning against her jeep as a Park Ranger from Trail Mix-Up! Last is a pin of Roger and Baby Herman from Roller Coaster Rabbit. It's not clear when and where these three pins will be released, but it appears they will be available on Disney's Auction site as well in the near future.