Saturday, November 15, 2003

Christmas gift ideas for Jessica fans!

Christmas is just around the corner, again, and this past year Jessica fans were blessed with an array of new merchandise.

Most likely there is something on the list you haven't gotten yet, or maybe you are shopping for a Jessica fan, so here is a review of what's available, what's a good buy and what Jessica stuff is still on the way.

We'll start with the first release way back from January, the Jessica Rabbit vinyl statue from Medicom Toys - Japan. This is probably one of the best Jessica items released this year. The color and sculpt are dead-on and the price is right. You can order it from and it should run you no more than $40 with shipping. Roger and Benny were released last year and stock is limited so pick them up soon.

Countless pins were released this year and there are more to come. On November 24th Christmas Jessica will be released in WDW. Jessica is wearing a Christmas hat and decked out in a Christmas mini-skirt. This is an open edition pin and will sell for $6.50. Disneyland finally recognizes Jessica as a Diva on December 7th with the Diva Jessica pin, which will sell for $8.50 and may be a Limited Edition.

Other pins that are worth picking up from eBay are "Love, Jessica," "Jessica 15th Anniversary," "Nurse Jessica," and "Surfboard Jessica." Prices range on eBay but I think more than $20 a pin is too much.

Word has it that Disney Days of Christmas has re-released the Naughty or Nice Jessica Rabbit Christmas ornaments from 2001. Also available is the crazy Jessica Mistletoe Christmas hat. Quite a unique item, this Christmas hat is white trimmed with embroidered/felt kiss marks around - one kiss mark saying "Jessica Rabbit." Jessica is embroidered on the front from her "Naughty or Nice" ornament pose saying "Happy Holidays." The hat has a large green and red spiral, and at the top is the mistletoe. It sells for $22 at Disney's Days of Christmas. You can order it directly from the store by calling the number in our database section. NOTE: the SKU number for this item is 11644435.

The Roger Rabbit 15th Anniversary Statue is the only real commemorative item celebrating the anniversary of the groundbreaking movie. Selling for $125, this is not only a statue featuring Roger, Jessica and Benny - but a fantastic watch with Roger as well. This can be ordered through the regular Disney merchandise phone number. SKU number 11211166.

The Who Framed Roger Rabbit Special Edition DVD is still available at most stores and is a must have for any fan of the film.

The latest to be released is the Jessica License Plate Cover. From WDW, there are two poses of Jessica with the saying "I'm not bad… I just DRIVE that way!"