Friday, May 16, 2003

15th Anniversary pins and Disney eBay Jessica pins

Coming soon, Roger and Jessica 15th Anniversary Pins.

Next month, and available at Walt Disney World finally, Roger Rabbit comes hopping out of his own Anniversary pin. He is in front of a filmstrip and movie logo with 15th Anniversary sign which all seem to be raised giving it a pin on pin look. This will be a Limited Edition of 3000 and will retail for $10.50 on Saturday, June 21.

On a separate, and even larger pin, is Roger's wife Jessica Rabbit. Jessica is "popping out" of a cake, which has the movie logo and "1988-2003." Jessica is holding a smaller cake with a "15" candle. This pin will be available at Disneyland in a Limited Edition of 2000 and will retail for $10.50 on Sunday, June 22nd. (Subject to change)

There are also a number of Jessica pins on the way. Nurse Jessica has been released while on eBay this past week, special editions of future pins went for big bucks. A prototype Jessica Toontown pin with gold finish sold for $306. A pin of Jessica twirling her hair in gold finish and glittered gown went for $295. A gold finish Patty
Cake Lounge pin sold for $128, and Nurse Jessica in black metal finish sold for $225.