Wednesday, February 27, 2019

NEW Jessica Rabbit Makeup Collection By Ciaté London Revealed

Many Disney characters have their own makeup palettes and collections by various different companies, especially the Princesses and Villains. The shades also come in themed colors like 'I'm Wishing' for Snow White, 'A Single Rose' for Belle, and 'Spindle' for Maleficent. There will finally be a special line inspired by Toontown diva Jessica Rabbit! Ciaté London recently revealed their Jessica Rabbit Collection which includes a nine-color eyeshadow palette, highlighter, and lipstick. The collection will also be made available in the U.S. March 5th online through Sephora. Let's take a closer look...

Not being well-versed in makeup myself I visited the Ciaté London website, and it's clear they stand by a few main principals: their cruelty free products (many of which are vegan), their creative makeup formulas, and adding lots of shimmer and sparkle. They have won several awards and offer a wide array of cosmetics at reasonable price points.

The company had been teasing of a new collection based on a famous glamour girl for a few days. It was finally revealed on February 26th that it was in fact Jessica Rabbit. In the collection there will be three different products - highlighter, an eyeshadow palette and lipstick.

The highlighter powder is meant to give your skin the perfect glow. It comes in a compact with Jessica's famous over-the-shoulder look on the front, and the powder inside is even shaped in the same form. $32 / £26

The Eyeshadow Palette shows a different image of Jessica on the cover, and when opened reveals nine shades inspired by the movie - Love Letter, Oh, Roger!, Sunset Blvd., I'm Not Bad, Patty Cake, Drawn That Way, Carrot Cake, Toon Kisses, and Honey Bunny. $39 / £35

The bold red lipstick is the real cherry on top. It comes in a silver glitter tube with the logos of Ciaté London and the Jessica Rabbit Collection. The red lipstick itself also sparkles perfectly. $22 / £19

What a stunning and wonderful surprise to see the famous Toontown diva herself honored by Ciaté London. With this collection very recently revealed people are already buzzing about Jessica Rabbit's first makeup line. For people in the U.S. this collection will be available through Sephora on March 5th. The three separate items will be sold, but there will also be a bundle for £60/$75.