Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pin Preview - Jessica Stocking

It's not even Halloween yet and already we have Christmas starting to show up around the corner. Many people have been disappointed by the serious lack of Jessica Rabbit pins from There was no "Jessica As" costume series released this year, and at this point we might assume the Christmas selection will be small too. However Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store has been trying to keep things going and is showing a preview for the Jessica Stocking pin. Technically speaking, it's a "Roger" stocking as his name appears on it, but Jessica is there inside. If you are sharp-eyed enough, you will notice that the particular pose by Jessica is taken from the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie, just after she drops Marvin Acme's handkerchief. She is just Drawn with Christmas decorations to make it set the proper holiday. This is the main complaint about pins now. Where is all the new art? Reusing images, or lifting images from a movie, is not the same as creating a whole new pose. As of late, it seems to be all we are getting.