Monday, June 16, 2008

Pin Release - Roger Rabbit 20th Anniversary Series

The Who Framed Roger Rabbit 20th Anniversary Series was released June 16, 2008 on the Disney Shopping website. They sold for $12.95 and were a Limited Edition of 250 each. The series commemorates 20 years since the movie was released. Interestingly, every pin in the series features Jessica Rabbit, none feature Roger alone.

There are a total of eight pins in the series. The first pin is Jessica Rabbit out for a spin with Benny the Cab - but it doesn't appear she is enjoying the view.

For the second pin, Jessica Rabbit gives her husband, Roger, a big hug on this special anniversary. The secondary cartoon cast featured in the movie are in this pin - Bambi, Baby Herman, Dumbo, Pluto and Mickey Mouse.

The next pin shows Roger and Jessica Rabbit are tied up from their iconic ending scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The fourth pin shows Jessica Rabbit taking center stage at the Ink and Paint Club, with two penguin waiters waddling nearby.

In the fifth pin Jessica has to do what any good wife would - hit her husband over the head with a frying pan and lock him in the trunk of her car, so he doesn't hurt himself. Jessica is holding a frying pan in one hand and dragging her husband, Roger, by the ears.

The next pin Jessica Rabbit is laying on the movie logo to Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The seventh pin depicts one of the more funny moments of Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Greasy Weasel gets a big surprise when frisking Jessica, a bear trap on his hand!

The last pin is one of the memorable moments of Who Framed Roger Rabbit where Eddie Valiant tries to saw off the handcuffs keeping him attached to Roger Rabbit. Although Jessica was not in this scene she is here on the pin behind Eddie.